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Take advantage of your membership by showcasing it in all your on-line and printed marketing materials. Highlighting your affiliation instantly boosts your credibility with homebuyers and businesses alike, due to the association's trustworthiness and integrity in the community. 

Use the HBA logo

Using the HBA logo in all your printed and on-line marketing materials shows you're a professional. Whether you're a homebuilder or a lumber supplier, the logo displays that you abide by the HBA's Code of Ethics and you're committed to maintaining — and growing — your professionalism in the industry. 

Use CAHB and NAHB logos, too

As an HBA member, you're automatically a member of the Colorado Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Home Builders. When you use their logos in your marketing materials, your credibility skyrockets. So be sure to use the CAHB logo and the NAHB logo in all your marketing materials, too. 

Update your company's website directory listing

Because our membership directory is public on the website, be sure to keep your directory listing current. When anything changes, simply update your company information, using your user name and password. 

Get monthly permit reports

You also can subscribe to monthly housing permit reports for the eight-county metro Denver area at a discounted rate.


Eligibility for sponsorship and advertising opportunities

Membership entitles participation in various sponsorship and advertising opportunites

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