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Board Leadership


Chair: Sabrina Marben, Oakwood Homes

Secretary: Kara DeGeneres, William Lyon Homes

Secretary: Deia VonfeldtThrive Home Builders

Head Cheerleader: Hali Carter, BLVD Builders

“Municipalities are consistently evolving permitting processes. The Permitting Commitee members come together monthly to gain insight on the challenges we are facing and to share best practices, all while having the support of the HBA!  Monthly meetings have allowed each company to improve efficiencies and build relationships aiding the growth we are all experiencing. I am honored to be a part of this amazing Committee and look forward to the wins we will all have!” - Sabrina Marben, Oakwood Homes

“The Permitting Committee shares their experiences in homebuilding amongst a professional group. We not only bring our successes to the table, but we also share our challenges and work with advocates amongst various groups to make building in the Denver Metro Area a more successful and efficient process.” - Kara DeGeneres, William Lyon Homes

Permitting Committee Info

Membership Requirements

HBA members in good standing can participate in the Permitting Committee. 

Meeting times

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month from 9:30 -11:00. in the Board Room at the HBA building. 

Resources for your use! 

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About the Permitting Committee

What does this Committee do?

The HBA of Metro Denver organized and hosted member Permit Managers and Coordinators in a roundtable forum for networking and a best practices discussion in late 2017. The group has evolved into the Permitting Committee. Working toward the goal of building relationships with local municipalities to encourage timely and efficient permit submittals and turn around times. 

Most Current Agenda

Permitting Committee Monthly Meeting - Permit Coordinators and Managers come find out what this Committee is all about!
Second Thursday of Each Month 9:30 - 11:00
9033 E. Easter Place
Board Room
Centennial, CO 80112